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Get up to speed with the latest medical device standards and regulations.

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May 3-4 2018 - Copenhagen


The NEW MDR Medical Device Regulations

Two days of intensive training covering the entire MDR and some MDD.

2 days - Dkk. 9.995,- Excl. VAT

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Mar. 7 2018 - Copenhagen


Usability Engineering EN62366-1

A popular course for companies tak-ing a user centric approach to design and development.

1 day - Dkk. 4.995,- Excl. VAT

Mar. 14 2018 - Copenhagen


Clinical Evaluation & Post Market Surveillance

The new guidance and MDR are driving the clinical process. Learn what you need to know here.

1 day - Dkk. 4995,- Excl. VAT

Apr. 25 2018 - Copenhagen


Biocompatibility - A Risk Based Approach

A thorough course on biocompatibility assessments, risk based plans etc.

1 day - Dkk. 4.995,- Excl. VAT

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May 23-24 2018 - Copenhagen


Market Access to CHINA

Learn about the Chinese regulation system, CFDA registr-ation process and latest update.

2 days - Dkk. 9.995,- Excl. VAT

May 15 2018 - Copenhagen


Quality Management for Medical Devices & ISO 13485

A course that is relevant for anyone working in medical device development.

1 day - DKr. 4.995,- Excl. VAT

June 18-19 2018 - Copenhagen


Risk Management for Medical Devices & ISO 14971

The course will give you the knowledge to complete a medical device risk management file and more.

2 days - Dkk. 9.995,- Excl. VAT

Mar 6 2018 - Copenhagen


Unique Device Identification UDI

This course covers the latest rules and requirements.

1 day - Dkk. 4.995,- Excl. VAT

Jan - Dec 2018 - At your site


Company specific courses includes many of the above and .......

Electrical IVD Devices EN61010

Electrical Medical Devices EN60601



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